MakeUp Tips for Dark Skin Black Women: Eyebrow Liner

In Beauty & Fashion on March 16, 2011 at 12:32 am

If I see another dark skin Black woman with black eyebrow liner I am going to kill myself, seriously!  Okay, as a dark skin Black woman I know how difficult it can be to find makeup that compliments our skin tone, but that does not mean we have to settle for whatever is available.  You should be open-minded when it comes to enhancing those beautiful features that are rarely ever celebrated in the media.

Ladies, never ever, and I mean never ever, wear black pencil liner on your eyebrows, especially if you are a dark skin Black woman.

I was having lunch with a friend of mine and I went to the bathroom to touch up my makeup.  I pulled out a brown liquid eyeliner tube and started to touch up my eyebrow makeup.  My friend, who is also dark skin, says to me, “Why are you putting brown on? Is it going to turn black?” and I replied, “Do my eyebrows ever look brown?” and she replied, “No”.   

So that’s why they always look so weird, I thought to myself.  Dark skin Black women are actually enhancing their eyebrows with black brow liner.

Well our eyebrow hair is usually black so we should accentuate our eyebrows with black liner, right — WRONG!  Nothing, including your hair, is truly black.  Not even the fur of a black cat is truly black.  If you take a strand of your black hair and hold it up to a light bulb you will see that your hair, is actually a deep maroon brownish black.  It’s not really black at all. Same goes for your eyebrow hair.  I never wear black brow-liner — I only wear dark brown and nobody knows that it’s brown, because it looks so natural.  And it looks natural because it blends with the root color of my hair.

Furthermore, as a dark skin Black woman you should always accentuate your features by illuminating your face with natural, soft, earthy colors.  Brown brow-liner softens the appearance of the eye and draws attention to the eye rather than to a dark black line on the lower part of your forehead.  I don’t understand how dark skin Black women who wear black liner on their eyebrows can look at themselves in the mirror and say, “I look good”.  No you don’t.  But, I guess since we really don’t have anything to aspire to when it comes to beauty, as we are rarely portrayed as sexual vixens or goddesses of beauty in the media, we don’t really know what makes us look best. And I guess  we’ve been conditioned to believe that the best we can physically be as dark skin women is okay.  Well I think we can do better — because we are and it’s high time we learned how to accentuate our beauty.  Makeup should never look like makeup and it most definitely shouldn’t darken or draw attention away from your features.

Another tip on drawing eyebrows is that it should never be done with a pencil.  Pencil liner smudges and it makes your eyebrow not only look like a hot mess, but it also makes your eyebrows look thicker, which makes your forehead look shorter, which immediately makes your features look disproportionate to your face.  You should only accentuate your eyebrows with liquid brow or eyeliner.  If you have extremely oily skin you should try using the waterproof liquid eyeliners.  But beware: the waterproof liquid eyeliners will crumble off by the end of the day so you need to do a touch up every four hours; unless of course you like having spaces in your eyebrows.  And another thing about the pencil — when you use a pencil it prevents you from creating a sharp eyebrow shape.  Liquid eyeliner glides on like paint so you have more control over the shape you create or the area that you fill.

So, if you’re a dark skin Black woman who draws on her eyebrows or accentuates the appearance of her eyebrows the best and most inexpensive brown liquid eyeliner that you can try, if you believe us, is:

Wet’n Wild, H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner, Color 884.

You can find this anywhere, WalMart, Target, Publix … anywhere.  Now this is not the best shade of brown, but it is the most inexpensive way to test our theory.  I promise you this is one theory you need to test!  No black eyebrows please!

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  1. Very interesting article . Most statements made are sad but true . We ( blacks) are our own demise . I dont watch Atl housewives or any show like it . I refuse to support the degradation of my own community . We are so deep in self hate that it has now become acceptable . Things at not going to change anytime soon. Media and even most blacks themselves truly believe that lighter is better . We have been brainwashed first by the white man and now by ourselves . We will never progress as a society because we don’t support eachother. Black men dont support black woman and vice Versa . In this generation, the only honor in being black is Obama .. We misrepresent ourselves as a whole . Yes there are some educated blacks out there who actually act educated . But it seems that all we see is those who act like monkeys . Like you said there is no reinforcement of the beautiful dark skinned black woman . Darker skinned woman have to keep reminding themselves that they Are truly just as beautiful as their light skinned counter part . We have so much self hate that we fear to create darkskin children. Eventually our race will be so diluted that we will become extinct. There will be no more dark skin complexions because of our own lack of self confidence . It’s sad and I honestly dont want to bring any kids into this disturbing society . The media plays a big role but we have ourselves to blame . We dont value ourselves and others see that and it’s embarrassing . There is nothing no one can do about it, but teach your children that they are beautiful and pray that it rubs off on other darker skinned individuals .

  2. No you are giving bad advice! What’s truly criminal is seeing dark skinned black girls walking around with horrible brown eyebrows. Just because our hair looks maroon is sunlight doesnt mean that we can pull off brown eyebrows. I am a caramel skintone and black eyebrows define my eyes beautifully! The trick is to apply a light hand and powder is best. Apply a dab of black eyeshadow ( with no sparkle or shimmer of course) to fill in your eyebrows. Less is more. If you have naturally black eyebrows then why the hell should you make them brown? I tried brown and it made my eyebrows look fuzzy and undefined. If anything black women have gone too far the other way and apply makeup as if they are in protest of our natural features.

  3. What about powder instead of the liner? If powder is okay does anyone have suggestions?

    • Powder is fine, just outline it with a concealer. The concealer helps sharpen your eyebrows to give them definition, while the powder helps from it being too harsh looking. Blend out the concealer and set your brows with a clear mascara if youd wish.

      P.S. There is a variety of tutorials on youtube 🙂

  4. Most black girls look nice with eyebrow liner ^_^

  5. I would think it would be hard to draw your eyebrows on with something liquid, especially when your out in the harsh sun, I just imagine beads of brown rolling down from someones brow. Ladies, brown or black its important to match what fits you individually. Paired with a nice concealer that doesnt make you look ashy or ghostly. Also to stop them from smudging easily invest in a nice eyeshadow primer.

  6. This is my first time visit at here and i am truly happy to read all at one place.

  7. Can u do a tutorial on how u do it

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