Adolf Hitler Was A Black Man: Hip Hop and Colorism

In Colorism on April 5, 2011 at 7:28 pm

Adolf Hitler must have been a Black man.  I wonder what’s taking his brethren so long to declare a national holiday in observance of the ideologies they have adopted.  No wonder Time Magazine declared him The Man of the Year in 1939.

He was. . .


How could anyone expect my brothers to do anything but emulate his infallible approach to self-hate.  How could you not be seduced by his dignified and strategic attempt to execrate the bane of his existence, without drawing attention to the fact that those whom he denounced; those physical characteristics whom he deemed as representative of a societal venom, were that of his own.

Brilliant is the man that speaks with the charisma, and gallops with the gallantry, that blinds his army.

Adolf Hitler would have gone triple platinum in 2011.  He would have been celebrated at award shows. His income would have been supplemented by superfluous endorsements.  Children would have mimicked his attire and his manner of speech.  Excerpts of his indignant speeches would have been mixed with drums and keyboards and played as the background song to films.  Too bad he didn’t make it; he would have been a star.

A rap star.

They say it’s all in my head.  They say it’s not as big of a deal as I am making it out to be.

Wasn’t FaceBook a thought in a college dorm, when it first started?  Wasn’t Wal-Mart just one little shop in a lower-income community, when it first started?  Didn’t AT&T pass up the opportunity to have a monopoly in the cellular phone industry because the demand thereof was too small?  It looks as though we too, have forgotten that everything grand, starts small.

Adolf’s conditioning of supremacy started small. . .

If you say something over and over again, if you reiterate something over and over again, at some point in time it will manifest itself.  It will generate a group of followers who subconsciously begin to act and react as they have been conditioned.

CNN asked why the marriage rates of Black women were so low – well what did you expect, I just told you that at some point we start to act as we have been conditioned. And what makes the conditioning of the re-emergence of the Brown Paper Bag society fall into the grandeur of Sire Adolf Hitler?

Because, those physical characteristics whom they have deemed as representative of a societal venom, are that of their own.  They have denounced us so repetitively that even artists like Pitbull, a White Hispanic, are comfortable chanting about the supremacy of fair skin beauty.  Pitbull has ensured that his daughters, should he have them, will not only grow up knowing that they are beautiful;  he  has ensured that they will forever be received as beautiful.

What a pity I cannot credit Reginae Carter’s father for doing the same.

Hitler’s ideology was unconscionably brilliant; blind the masses to your self-perceived physical inadequacies by championing hate and disgust for those bearing like features.

Brilliantly masochistic.

I didn’t do any formal research; I just sat down and listened to the radio and watched underground Hip-Hop stations for two hours a day, for two days.

Everything starts small.

Heil Hitler

Subliminal Messages Of Supremacy: The Lyrics of Main Stream Hip Hop;  Just a Preference?

Artist: Lil Wayne

Song Title: Right Above It

“. . .beautiful Black woman, I bet you that bitch look better red”?

Artist: Lil Wayne

Song Title: Every Girl

“I like a long hair thick red bone . . .” The song continues as Lil Wayne’s friend concurs with his preference, ” I like ‘um caramel skin long hair. . . my butter pecan rican be screamin’ out papi every time [a brother] deep in. . .”

Puff Daddy said in the Fontaine Bleau song by the Bugatti Boyz ft Masspike Miles,  “. . .a queen is always a man’s best accessory, look at mine she’s half Black and Cherokee. . .”

Lil Wayne, Song Title: Ride With the Mack, “I tell a dark skin chick I`m allergic to chocolate.”

Red Cafe ft Rick Ross, Song Title: Faded,”. . .Pour for all them White and Light girls. We just buy all these bottles ‘cause it excites girls”

Cam’ron, Song Title: We All Up In Here, “Caramel with good hair she that cool g

Young LA, Song Title: Taser Gun, “. . .light skin long hair dats the beauty queen she the kinda of girl you see up on the movie screen.”

Fabolous, Song Title: Lights Out, “. . .Bottles of Rosae keeps finding it`s way to my section And groups of pretty bitches with them light skin complexion.”

Artist: PitBull: Song Title: Jungle Fever

“Coffee with no cream, That’s like. . .Martin Luther King with no dream,…I’m that chico that got a fetish with women Light skin red bones they blow my mind”

Artist: Nicki Minaj Ft Drake: Song Title: Moment 4 Life

“Yeah, you a star in my eyes, you and all them White girls party of five”

Artist: Chris Brown Ft Lil Wayne ft Busta Rhymes: Song Title: Look At Me Now

“Yellow model chick Yellow bottle sipping Yellow Lamborghini Yellow top missing”

Artist: Gucci Man ft Plies: Song Title: Wasted

“And Gucci not a racist.  All my diamonds Caucasians”

***Diamond: Slang term for someone who is precious to you (i.e. a woman, girlfriend, lover).

Artist: Juelz Santana: Song Title: Her, Him, and Me

“Let me tell you bout this bitch name Loreal, Light skin, long hair”

Artist: Soulja Boy: Song Title: Pretty Boy Swag (remix)

“I’m lookin for a yellow bone long hair star”

Artist:DJ Khaled ft T-Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg: Song Title: All I Do Is Win

“I pull out in my Rolls Royce, Yellow bone passenger they see it, they say oh boy!”

Artist:Young Jeezy: Song Title: Black and Yellow G-Mix

“black Nike’s, 3 red bone bitches. . .Said her girl on the way, she a yellow bone”

Artist: Kanye West: Song Title:Take One for the Team

“ She a red bone but her cousin is dark.  A little out of shape but you’ll f@#% in the dark”

Artist: Lloyd: Song Title: Track Shoes

“. . .this is a hit song on a bottle of proton lookin 4 a red bone”

Artist: Jagged Edge: Song Title: Tip of My Tongue

“He can’t believe it’s real, He like em red bone, He love em Independent”

Artist: Beatnuts: Song Title: Hood Thang

“Push the seat back, I’m in the head zone.  Gettin my head blown by a red bone.”

Artist: Cam’Ron: Song Title: Touch it or Not

“. . .Looked light skin, mommy was tight slim”

Artist: The Diplomats/Vado: Song Title: Statute (Remix)

“. . .Red Bone passenger”

Artist: Ghostface Killah: Song Title: Zgetha Baby

“. . .Skin like Halle”

Artist: Shawn Chrystopher: Song Title: Catch Me if You Can

“. . .I got a light-skin broad”

Artist: Waka Flocka Flame: Song Title: No Hands

“When she walks she get this. . . BROWN SKIN OR YELLOW BONE”

One lone spark of light at the end of the tunnel.  .  .

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  1. Rapers are now nothing but minstrels. Dr. Donnamaria Cubreth.has created the Intra-racial Colorism Project. The podcast are really good.

  2. […] more and need a better understanding of how explicit colorism is in hip hop, read the article Adolf Hitler Was A Black Man: Hip Hop and Colorism. Still, a short documentary,Complexion Obsession, provides further insight about the obsession with […]

  3. The sad part is that hip hop culture affects everyone. As a South African, I can attest to black men/ mixed race men here adopting the yellow bone language and its twisted ideology. I’m a lil older but these young college kids are outta control…there was even a campus party called “light skinned girls vs dark skinned girls”! Truly disturbing. SA has its own history of colonialism & apartheid so we’re fertile soil for colourism to take route since we have a highly racialized society. Globally this is a problem – i meet many black men who think that having a preference for light skin is some neutral individual choice that hasn’t been influenced by world history (slavery, racial oppression, white supremacy, apartheid, popular culture, the systematic hijacking & dumbing down of hip hop etc) there are some very ignorant people in the world who sadly are dumbed down so they won’t even stumble on a blog like this 😦

  4. Hitler has a self hating black man??? Very interesting perspective on colorism. All those quotes from rappers were very telling. Good post!

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